November 1, 2021

The Dark Side: Are Your Employees' Credentials on the Dark Web?

Are you wondering if important information like your employees' credentials can end up on the dark web? Learn more here.

You've probably heard about the dark web before. Whether you've read horror stories about this unknown part of the internet or heard of people's sensitive information ending up in the internet's darkest corners, the stories you're hearing are obviously not fun and happy.

But what is the dark web? The "dark web network" is a part of the internet that disguises a user's internet activity. This anonymity makes it a haven for criminal activity.

And more users are taking advantage of the dark web, specifically targeting businesses. It's becoming common for hackers to steal employee credentials and upload them to the dark web, putting your business at risk of a security breach.

So, how do you know if your employees' credentials are on the most mysterious part of the internet? And what can you do about it?

The Statistics

We know what you're thinking. This is the stuff that happens in horror movies. Hackers don't steal employee credentials and target businesses. That's lunacy.

Unfortunately, the statistics say otherwise. Ever since 2016, the number of listings that could harm a business has risen by 20%. And oftentimes, hackers compromise your system through your employees.

15 billion username and password pairs have been detected on the dark web. 50% of websites on the dark web are used for criminal activity, and selling compromised login credentials is a hot market. 67% of breaches are linked to credential theft and phishing attacks.

And if there is information about your business on the dark web, it's usually not a good thing. 60% of your information on the dark web can negatively impact your business finances and the overall security of your organization.

Do you feel scared and helpless? Don't worry, there are dark web monitoring services that can prevent a security breach.

The Importance of Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring reduces the risk of a variety of security threats. The best dark web monitoring service can scan the dark web for compromised data. In addition to exposed employee credentials, dark web monitoring services can uncover IP addresses, website domain names, and more.

The earlier you can identify these risks, the more secure your business will be. An effective dark web monitoring service will instruct you on the next steps you can take, which usually involve resetting passwords and filling in security gaps.

What We Provide

Advantex offers a variety of IT services tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. We can protect your business by offering:

  • 24/7x365 monitoring
  • Dark web navigation
  • Alerts and reports
  • Password assessment and encryption

For more information, take a look at our security as a service page.

Contact Us to Protect Your Business From the Dark Web

The dark web is no laughing matter and any business can become a victim of a data breach. Prevention and protection are the best courses of action to take.

Do you want proactive protection from the dark web? Maybe you suspect your information has already been compromised. Advantex offers a variety of services to protect your business from data breaches and more. Contact us today.

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