June 1, 2020

RingCentral: Cloud Video Conferencing

Enterprises are increasingly recognizing cloud video conferencing as a must-have technology

It has been years of the same things holding back the widespread acceptance of telepresence and video conferencing. Both the cost and the incredible complexity of on-site systems have slowed progress. However, with cloud systems becoming more affordable, high quality conference systems like RingCentral have an avenue to work in for both desktops and mobile devices. RingCentral is an easy and safe option for businesses to setup their meetings and also to leverage their existing IP-based equipment.

"All this helps organizations reap the many benefits of video conferencing, such as reducing travel costs, building more cohesive teams, conducting interviews remotely, and increasing sales and deepening customer relationships by facilitating more frequent meetings."

This White Paper will explore how the video conferencing solution, RingCentral, came to be and a variety of topics covering the cost savings, the increases in production, and the many different features your team can dig into. Click below to see the full list on RingCentral's benefits!

ADVANTEX is here to help show you how RingCentral can assist your business. Call 1-866-779-8450 or email us today for more information!

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