Responding To Coronavirus Containment Concerns

advantex response to COVID-19

Due to the concerns around the COVID-19, coronavirus, some businesses are taking proactive actions to lessen exposure by asking employees to work remotely. 

Stop being held back by your technology

ADVANTEX has helped many clients over the years to develop their technology infrastructure for safe and secure home or remote work. 

We do this by moving critical software applications to the cloud in addition to migrating e-mail to Microsoft Office 365 and establishing remote access to server-based applications with a VPN (virtual private network). These technology solutions allow your business to access critical business project information from a cellular or internet connection, any time day or night.

We're glad to support our clients in making the option of remote work a reality. We will put our best efforts into accommodating our client's business technology needs during this time. But, please understand that projects of this manner take time and effort that's outside of our routine support. 

A businessman using advantex IT services to work remotely

We would be glad to help your business with the necessary requirements to get your environment remote-friendly. Every business has different technology operations and needs, so please give us a call.

ADVANTEX Continuous Client Support

As for our support to you, please be assured that we've prepared our own environment for remote work.  Each ADVANTEX staff member can work remotely to ensure continuous client support.  Additionally, our employees who may dispatch to your sites have been trained to practice hand hygiene and routine cleaning recommendations as outlined by the CDC.  You can expect continued support from us, regardless of future actions that may be required to support the containment of this disease.

For any questions, please reach out to your ADVANTEX account manager.

Sincerely, Your ADVANTEX Team

March 13, 2020

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