February 18, 2020

5 Things Managed Services Companies Provide Beyond IT Support

When it comes to small business technology needs, it’s tempting to rely on what is already working and address issues as they arise. This may keep a company running and seem to be the best short-term financial decision. Someone in the organization can wear two hats: one for their own job, maybe as CEO, and that of the Chief Information Officer. 

The Surprisingly Low Cost of Peace of Mind

To properly manage technology is a challenge on two fronts. Firstly, understanding technology and troubleshooting to keep things running. Secondly, staying current with new options and integrations to optimize data management, virtual tools, and adapt to new cybersecurity threats. Therefore, this challenge cannot be an afterthought. 

Hiring a full-time employee to manage technology isn’t always an option. That’s where managed service companies and a Virtual Chief Information Officer offer a surprisingly cost-effective way to free up time and energy so an organization can focus on what is most important. 

Managed Services Companies provide the following to address small business technology needs.

Flexibility through Cloud Computing and Mobile Workforce Technologies

Cloud computing offers the fastest, most flexible access to data, tools, and applications for businesses. With these things no longer location-dependent, employees are able to optimize their own time by working from anywhere, from their own devices, and being able to respond immediately to time-sensitive requests. 

Virtualization allows instant access to information and real-time communication, allowing enterprises to avoid the myriad risks of location-dependent workforces and technologies.

Stability through Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

As quickly as cybersecurity addresses a threat, a new threat is created in its place. This is becoming a reality. The more valuable the information, the bigger the payoff. And also, the bigger the loss in the event of a disaster. Unforeseen circumstances can either be devastating or require little more than a quick shift. 

Business continuity is best achieved through vigilance and experience. Managed service companies offer the best chance for a business to be prepared and quickly recover from whatever threats they face. 

Scalability through Strategic IT Planning

Finding the best IT solution is an ongoing process as new technologies emerge. Furthermore, beyond finding what works currently, smart businesses manage technology in such a way that they can adapt and grow to meet new demands. Enterprise Resource Planning requires a large number of business operations to interact and exchange data. More and more demand has put on these systems. In other words, it's becoming necessary to find other systems. Knowing that the system is capable of handling the load and adapting provides security to move forward without reserve. 

Clarity through Data Utility

Not all data is useful. Deciphering actionable goals based on the vast amounts of raw data a business may possess is a unique challenge in and of itself. In fact, seeing how this information affects your small business technology needs and how it can be best utilized requires robust analytics. 

Simplicity through Shared Services

Many parts of an enterprise will use the same applications and technology for their specific needs. Managed services companies provide the tools necessary to streamline inter-organization communication and connectivity. By taking a holistic view, they are in a unique position to offer additional services and technologies to optimize this system and make sure everyone is getting the most out of their own tools and data. 

Open Anyway

Managing technology and information is a full-time job. But it shouldn’t, and doesn’t, take full-time costs to enjoy its benefits. Get in contact with ADVANTEX to find out what else our managed service company can help with.

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