Risk Limitation Through Managed IT Services

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As the goals and reach of organizations are evolving, so must the approach to data access and storage. As cloud data management becomes more and more ubiquitous, the benefits of managed IT services are becoming more apparent. Public cloud services are a great option, but looking into other cloud service types is the next logical step for organizations working to maximize their efficiency and minimize risk. 

Making the Most Out of Managed Services

The ability to quickly and freely access data within an organization and without is quintessential to daily operations. Various departments must be able to quickly exchange information, make sure updates are reflected wherever needed, and present a unified face in marketing and customer service. With so much data and so many people interacting with it, there come many inherent risks.

The Risk of Outages

Many businesses are choosing one of the many cloud service companies and using it across their entire organization. This approach multiplies the cost of any unforeseen disconnection from that company. Any kind of outage might mean the loss of access to data or the loss of the data itself.

The Risk of Price Gouging

Choosing a single cloud service severely limits the ability to leverage the price. Should the service provider raise their fees, there isn’t much that can be done besides a costly overhaul of an entire data management system. 

The Risk of Inflexibility

With the choice of so many cloud service types, depending too heavily on one risks missing out on the particular features that make each one unique. Public cloud may be useful for providing access to software services, but this may mean limitations on customization. It certainly means storing large amounts of data outside of a businesses’ own walls. A private cloud may mean a more personalized experience but demands an extra expenditure of labor, time, and money having someone manage it internally. 

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Cloud Services and IT Solutions by ADVANTEX

Multi-cloud systems are possibly the most flexible of the cloud service types.  However, more moving parts means more difficulty integrating them and making sure all the services are communicating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Enterprises are still testing such technology, and it promises to be increasingly useful as it continues to develop. Addressing the risk of inflexibility through such a multifaceted system may still be trading one risk for another. Managing that risk internally presents quite a challenge.

Hybrid cloud systems leverage private and public clouds but incur many of the same risks from above. Be it the cost of internal data management and maintenance, limiting which and what kind of options are available because of compatibility issues, or just plain confusion, there is no simple answer.

Which Option to Choose? 

Most organizations recognize the benefits of multi-cloud solutions.  As they develop, this form of data management is becoming an integral part of the modern enterprise. 

The good news is, managed IT services have proven effective in mitigating all of these risks and providing the most optimized cloud solutions. As this is emerging technology, dedicated, on-going support and updates provide the greatest chance of leveraging new options. Contact ADVANTEX to learn more! 

February 18, 2020

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