SECaaS – Security as a Service for Small Businesses in Texas

Cloud Network Security Protects Your Customers and Data

You don’t need any on-site hardware to reap the benefits of security as a service with ADVANTEX. Our security services are cloud-based. 
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Business Cybersecurity

Implement Security Before it’s Too Late

The Daily Reality Of Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity threats are a daily reality in the modern business world. Viruses and compromised information are serious considerations for any business.

The True Cost Of A Data Breach

All too often businesses discover the reality of these threats when it’s already too late. A data breach could damage your company’s reputation and cost you a fortune in lost business and legal fees. 

You Need A Security Expert On Your Side

As cybercrime becomes ever more prevalent, it’s imperative to protect your business with the latest, most effective security systems. That’s where our security experts come in.
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What is SECaaS (Security as a Service)?

Old-school in-house security cannot compete with the advances in modern cybercrime. Today’s advanced, cloud-based environment, needs security that’s as fast-paced and sophisticated as the modern work environment.
Security as a Service, or SECaaS, is the answer to your contemporary security needs. Today’s network security providers must integrate their services into the technological infrastructure of their clients on a subscription basis.

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Arm Yourself with the Latest SECaaS Tools

Security as a Service incorporates several mutually complementary tools to deliver the security your business needs. These are:

Disaster recovery



Intrusion management




Email security service

Vulnerability SCANS


How Can Security as a Service Benefit Your Business?

This cloud network security requires no cumbersome onsite hardware, making it an affordable option for small business owners. 

By operating in the realm of the cloud, these security measures can provide comprehensive, all-pervasive security throughout your network at all times. 

When you enter the world of cloud computing, the new access points created make users more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

SECaaS works at the same level as cybercriminals do, by plugging up these new holes in your security before they can attack.

Since this kind of security is proactive, it helps prevent the costs and losses associated with a security breach.

If a problem does arise, fixes are quicker and more effective than ever before. You can rest easy knowing that professionals are monitoring your system around the clock.

business network security HoustonSECaaS in Dallas
It relieves your in-house team of the time-consuming responsibilities involved in network security
It’s scalable as your business grows
There’s no on-site maintenance to contend with

It’s too late to implement stringent security measures after your system becomes compromised.

Save yourself the hassle and expense of a major security breach. Call ADVANTEX now and find out more about our leading options for SECaaS.
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