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Small businesses have large demands. In order to fulfill that demand you rely on proactive cloud IT solutions. Our Cloud Services in Dallas and Houston can guarantee your technology will be everything that you need it to be. Allow us to implement powerful cloud management solutions that facilitate your company’s growth and success.

Cloud Services

We offer several cloud IT solutions for our customers. Outsourcing your cloud management needs to a dedicated cloud services provider is effective and worthwhile when completed by our expert IT staff. If you are looking for top rated cloud solutions providers in the Dallas area, look no further than ADVANTEX.
Our company has several cloud based options we can implement for your small business. Whatever your needs are, we guarantee you will have the Advantex Advantage with our managed IT solutions.

Private Cloud Solutions

We offer private cloud services in Dallas for businesses that require increased levels of security. This data management infrastructure is protected by a firewall. Have a preexisting data center? No problem! With Advantex cloud solutions you can seamlessly transition from a physical data mainframe to the cloud. Our private cloud systems do not share resources with any other organizations without your consent.
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Private Cloud Services Benefits

Flexibility: Your small business can tailor its cloud environment to fit your specific business demands
Security: Cloud resources are not shared with any other organization and users gain enhanced control over the cloud environment
Scalability: Private cloud solutions still come with the same scalability that public clouds possess
Cloud Services

Public Cloud Services

Another type of cloud service we provide utilizes public cloud storage options like Microsoft Azure. Public cloud solutions are more common and have their cloud resources owned and operated by a third-party. This means your cloud solutions will be delivered over an Internet connection. Public cloud IT solutions are often used for web-based email communications, online office applications, storage, and testing environments.
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Public Cloud Service Benefits:

Cost effective: You only pay for the cloud based solution, not any specialized hardware or software
No upkeep: Your cloud service provider will handle all maintenance requests
Scalability: Your small business cloud solutions will feature customizable resources
Reliable: With a large network of servers working to support the public cloud, you can rest assured there won’t be any failures

Your Cloud Capabilities

Cloud Based File Sharing

One of the advantages of cloud managed IT solutions is the seamless file sharing it affords to users. Cloud based file sharing solutions allow users to collaborate via built-in email networks and foster remote access.

Cloud Storage & Backup

No more issues with lost data with our cloud storage and backup solutions. Never worry about forgetting to save or recovering files when switching devices. Our cloud backup services keep your data intact and accessible.
Cloud Services Providers can customize a solution for you that includes local backup solutions, business continuity solutions as well as cloud services in Dallas based offsite backup solutions. Call us today at (800) 935-4774 or contact us here to get started. 

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Migrating To Microsoft 365?

Why Migrating To Microsoft 365 Is A Smarter Solution
Office 365 Support

Cloud Storage and Backup

Work anywhere. Get all the same, rich Office features on your PC or Mac or Mobile Device from a native app or streamed live from the Web. And use SharePoint or OneDrive to store and share files with colleagues or among various devices. Communicate in real time using Skype for Business. Collaborate on documents with SharePoint and use OneDrive to make them available wherever you are. You can also hold face-to-face meetings in HD and from your mobile devices, sharing OneNote documents and attachments with ease.
Email & Calendar
Office Desktop Apps
Document Sharing & Collaboration
IM & Online Meetings

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