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Save money on IT services while supporting your organization’s mission


IT for Nonprofits in Houston
We combine our managed IT services, a reliable network and 24/7 support all in one, so all of your technical needs are handled under one provider. And, you only pay one flat monthly fee, so you can effectively leverage your resources and your time without unnecessary stress.


IT for Nonprofits in Dallas
No more IT glitches, crashes or headaches to keep you from accomplishing your goals. Our expert technicians and skilled IT support professionals make sure that your system is functional and operating at its maximum potential, so you can do the same.
Managed IT
managed IT services in Dallas
“ADVANTEX has a calculated process that makes their service out of this world. I wish I called them earlier.”


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24/7 Nonprofit IT Support That’s On A Mission


Today’s non-for-profit organizations rely on technology more than ever. Reaching out to new donors and expanding your reach means you need reliable technology with advanced capabilities. Maintaining your nonprofit’s goals and keeping within your organization’s budget means your staff and volunteers require systems that work and work well. Streamlined, up-to-date technology is a must.

24/7 IT Support

UNLIMITED service by phone or email, and 24/7 technical support gives you the security that you won’t be left stranded, no matter the time of day or the type of IT issue you might encounter. We want you to feel comfortable performing your duties without having to worry about technical difficulties. And, a minor glitch in technology has the power to derail your organization for an entire day or longer. We won’t let that happen. Call on us anytime you need support and we’ll be there to walk you through whatever your users may be experiencing.


In the nonprofit world, you can’t afford to miss out on opportunities with potential donors or the chance to spread your message. But, if your website is experiencing downtime, you’re doing just that. Staying on top of your expenses is crucial and maximizing spending is essential in the nonprofit industry. Stop wasting your time and budget with unreliable services that cost your organization. Instead, let us help you stretch your resources to make your services work for you.
IT for Nonprofits
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Secure & Stable IT For Nonprofits 


Data confidentiality isn’t something your organization can afford to risk. Our IT for Nonprofits make sure that your data is secure as possible and monitor threats to keep your network’s contents safe.


Make sure your computer network provides a stable, strong connection to ensure that you’re able to meet your organization’s needs worry-free.


We’ll help you improve your organization’s production rate and boost the productivity of volunteers and staff members. Increased productivity means that your nonprofit is able to extend its reach and do the greatest good possible.
ADVANTEX is the top managed service provider for delivering IT for nonprofits.
We proactively handle everything an in-house that an IT department would handle.
We maintain your entire network and combine your IT services so that you pay one flat rate.
This way, your IT budget stays under control and manageable throughout the year.

ADVANTEX Advantage 

Knowing how to budget consistently can help your organization achieve its financial goals. And, tech support that you can count on is always just a phone call away.
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