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Many healthcare companies try to handle their own IT efforts. If you take this route, you risk the possibility of system failures and compliance issues.

Doctors Of Technology

Healthcare IT faces many challenges. The cost of healthcare technology is unpredictable, handling electronic medical records is difficult, HIPAA compliance is complex, and technological issues are difficult to resolve while handling normal business activities.

Predictable And Always Here For You

When you invest in ADVANTEX's IT solutions, you receive a predictable approach to IT. We offer a convenient monthly flat fee that includes support and hardware. We proudly serve healthcare and dental facilities. We'll also work with you on an IT infrastructure that works with your budget.
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Secure and Confidential


Any healthcare establishment understands the importance of security and confidentiality. So do we. Your security is our utmost priority. Your patient information is always confidential and your practice is completed secured. You don’t need to worry about system infiltration or hacking. We’re here so you can ease your concerns.


We can also consult with you about additional security needs. From hacking risks to natural disasters, your system can easily be compromised. This is why we promise to provide a powerful IT security strategy to keep your business up and running, even when a disaster strikes.
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“ADVANTEX has a calculated process that makes their service out of this world. I wish I called them earlier.” 

– Heather

GMA Tax Specialist

Flat Fee Healthcare IT

We at ADVANTEX understand the uncertainty that comes with technological and hardware costs. That’s why we work with your budget to ensure you receive the highest quality service at your own price.
Healthcare IT in Dallas

Budget Friendly Flat Fee

We at ADVANTEX understand the uncertainty that comes with technological and hardware costs. That’s why we work with your budget to ensure you receive the highest quality service at your own price. We do this by providing a flat fee service.

Subscription Based IT

We use a monthly subscription model with all-inclusive services. We work with you on a flat fee because we’re confident in our services. This includes 24/7 support in addition to the best managed healthcare IT services that we can provide.

90-Day Guarantee

We offer a 90-day guarantee. If we haven’t met your expectations within the first 90 days of signing up, you can walk away with no strings attached.

All-Access Pass

Unlimited service by phone and email, along with remote technical support.

24/7 Monitoring

Our team works around the clock monitoring issues in key network elements (server, workstations, and firewall) before they become critical.

Time Savings

No more waiting in long call lines when you open a Service Request right from your desktop– no phone calls required!


Proactive Support


To meet our zero downtime promise, we’re proud to offer 24/7 support. This not only includes technical on-demand support but also 24/7 network and systems monitoring and data backup and recovery plans.


ADVANTEX takes a proactive approach to technical support. We promise our support staff is fast, reliable, and effective. We will resolve any issues. All of this support is available at no extra cost. In addition, we monitor your systems 24/7 and 365 days a year. You only need to focus on running your health facility.

Improved Efficiency

The healthcare industry is extremely competitive. That’s why we equip you with the latest healthcare IT tools to ensure your business is efficient and secure. Our Cloud services improve data storage and file sharing. Our VoIP system is installed at your physical location for convenience.
Healthcare IT in Houston

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