June 26, 2020

Why Data Security Is Worth Looking In To

Over the past several decades, we've seen credit cards begin to Evolve Their Data Security for the benefit of the consumers. These companies are having consistent innovations such as pin numbers, contactless pay, card free ATMs, and mobile apps that can freeze your card in an instant.

These companies are striving to innovate because their security threats are innovating just as quickly.

Your business needs to function in the same way. If your company still uses a basic antivirus software package it's lacking the comprehensive data protection it needs. Your systems need a diligent eye to watch out for possible flaws. Also, like many business owners, especially with employees working remotely, it can be a struggle to keep everything running.
Ignoring or postponing vital data security upgrades can seriously expose your business to a cyberattack. There has never been a greater impact of a data breach. Between that, possible hardware failures, natural disasters, or simple data loss due to a laptop dying, there are quite a number of vulnerabilities in any data system.

If you're adamant about keeping your credit card info safe, you should have the same mentality for your business data.

1. Evaluate Your Business' Setup

Mainly you will be focussing on gathering up an in depth list of all of your devices, software, hard drives, and security services. Look for anything that could go awry. Are you keeping your devices in working order with proper maintenance/storage? Are you keeping up with the latest built-in security and smooth cross-platform functionality?

2. Keeping Backups Of Your Backups

Something many business' worry about is the constant and unpredictable threat of device failure. Going back to recover lost data in an old backup hard drive only to find it no longer functioning can be disastrous. Keeping an additional copy of your data might seem redundant, but the other layer of safety it provides can be a lifesaver.

Additionally, getting a simple cloud based option such as OneDrive can help mitigate the damage of something like an electrical surge or natural disaster affecting your business.

3. Start Planning For The Best

Now that you have backed up your data sufficiently and gone over your business needs, you now need to optimize it. One good way to accomplish this is to merge all of your employee operations into a single platform such as Microsoft 365.

One good way to accomplish this is to merge all of your employee operations into a single platform such as Microsoft 365.

With this you can give your business next level communication and file sharing within your team. This also lowers your risks of transferring data between several different platforms by instead leaving it in a highly secure work environment.

4. Begin Preparation For The Worst

Now with your entire system optimized, the next step is creating a business continuity plan. Even with your data under the best protection, how soon could your business get back up and running after an unforeseen disaster? Is everyone aware of their roles and responsibilities? Is there a series of steps to follow that can bring you back on track?

A comprehensive plan will anticipate various possibilities, give detailed protocol, assign responsibilities, be practiced regularly, and be updated as personnel and needs change.

5. Look To The Future

While all of the above steps will have dramatically increased your businesses data security, there is always room to do more. Finding a quality managed service provider can help guarantee that your data is always protected with the most recent data protection software on the market.

Now You Know How You Can Improve Your Business's Data Security

Even a basic Data Security is better than no security at all. Think about the fact that disasters can happen at any time and they might be natural or man-made. Keeping your data secure will ultimately make sure your business is still standing by the end of it.

You probably have a lot of questions regarding how to prevent data breaches and recover successfully from them. That's why we invite you to contact us today!

We have over 20 years of experience designing tailored data security plans for small and medium-sized businesses. We are happy to collaborate with you as well and come up with backup solutions that fit your budget.

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