December 29, 2021

Cybersecurity Threat to Watch Out for in 2022

Every Cybersecurity Threat to Watch Out for in 2022

For businesses, it's important to have the most cybersecurity protection now more than ever. Take a look at 2022's latest cybersecurity threat details here.

Cybersecurity attacks can permanently shut down businesses and steal sensitive information. A cybersecurity threat carries significant weight.

Staying aware of each cybersecurity threat will help with digital business protection. These attacks don't feel as tangible as a criminal breaking into your home. However, a cybersecurity attack can yield more devastating results.

Cybersecurity attackers continue evolving. Knowing their toolbox will help you detect a cybersecurity threat in advance.

We've compiled a list of each cybersecurity threat to watch for in 2022.

Rise of Automotive Hacking

The military optimizes every vehicle and piece of equipment for optimal protection. However, cybersecurity attacks can take down F-35 jets.

Automobiles contain fewer protections than F-35 jets. For decades, hackers could not get into cars. However, the design of modern vehicles gives hackers many entry points.

Modern vehicles double as supercomputers. They connect to the internet and help you access sensitive data. They use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to communicate with the outer world.

Vehicles are dangerous already, but hackers make them terrifying. Hackers can take control of your car.

Some cars come with an autopilot system, a dangerous system for hackers to infiltrate. They can turn on the autopilot and drive you anywhere, even off a cliff.

Review a self-driving vehicle company's commitment to cybersecurity before buying one. Even then, cybersecurity relies on human error.

Even if you don't use an autonomous vehicle, hackers can still infiltrate your car. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow hackers to eavesdrop on your conversations. Hackers listen to discussions in hopes that someone shares sensitive information.

Cloud Attacks Continue to Grow

The cloud helps businesses stay organized and productive. Employees can access company documents.

However, the cloud creates openings within your business. Hackers can sneak into cloud platforms and gain access to documents. Hackers can also install malicious software into your cloud platform.

Some cloud applications come with features to help with digital business protection. However, each user represents an entry point for hackers.

Continue monitoring the safety of your cloud platform and assess each cybersecurity threat. You can create a backup cloud platform in case your company platform gets hacked. Restricting access to vital documents will limit the damage of a cyberattack.

Data Breaches: A Prime Cybersecurity Threat

Data breaches remain a prime cybersecurity threat. Hackers can infiltrate your systems and access company and customer information.

New laws have given more power to consumers and their data. The European Union enforced the General Data Protection Regulation to protect EU citizens. California rolled out a similar policy to safeguard consumers' rights regarding their data.

Businesses must take extra precautions to protect data from this cybersecurity threat. Invest in cybersecurity training for yourself and your employees. This training will help you detect signs for each cybersecurity threat.

Empowering your employees reduces the likelihood of human errors. Hackers impersonate login pages, people, and other entities to deceive victims.

A data breach can cripple customer trust and lead to significant damages. Every extra effort to maintain digital business protection helps.

Targeted Ransomware

Hackers don't hack into businesses for the sake of it. They want to make money from their exploits.

Targeted ransomware presents one monetization path for hackers. However, this cybersecurity threat comes at the expense of millions of businesses.

During a ransomware attack, hackers gain sensitive information. They threaten to publish the data unless the hacker receives a ransom.

No person or entity is immune from this cybersecurity threat. Some ransomware hackers target large organizations and countries. They can also hack into essential software required for daily activities.

Insider Threats

While human error leads to data breaches, some people intentionally leak data. Most companies focus on external threats without considering internal threats.

Disgruntled employees may release sensitive information or let a hacker enter the system. Some employees post on a company's social media account upon getting fired. They can trigger cybersecurity attacks on their way out.

One high-profile cybersecurity attack took place on Twitter. A few years ago, a rogue Twitter employee deactivated Trump's account. This employee performed this action on their last day of the job.

Twitter later pulled the plug on Trump's account. However, this employee acted on their own accord. This decision generated controversy and created a dangerous precedent.

A disgruntled employee can delete your company's data or damage your reputation. If you do not take away the 'keys to the kingdom,' fired employees can end their tenure with a bang.

Create safety measures within your company to prevent an internal cyber threat. Tell your supervisors what to watch for in your company's digital presence.

Mobile Malware Attacks

The average American uses their mobile device for five hours per day. Many businesses changed their websites and marketing strategies to focus on mobile users.

Hackers also adapted to the adoption of mobile devices. Hackers create malicious mobile apps to steal information from unsuspecting users.

Hackers may discover new ways to exploit this cyber threat in the future. When downloading an app, please review it carefully. Teach your employees to do the same.

Take Every Cybersecurity Threat Seriously

Hackers exploit human error. They know how to deceive people and get access to sensitive information.

Hackers will never go away, but you can keep them out of your business. Assessing each cybersecurity threat will help you remain prepared.

Investing in cybersecurity services and employee training will bolster digital business protection.

We can help with your cybersecurity needs. We offer services and guidance to keep your business secure. Reach out today to see how we can assist your cybersecurity efforts.

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