November 5, 2021

Your employees’ credentials could be exposed on the Dark Web. Dark Web Exposure of your staff’s login and password information can cause serious security threats to your business. The good news? There’s a way you can protect and keep these crucial details safe. Talk to us and learn more about it.

We Can Navigate the Dark Web For You

We perform 24/7 Dark Web navigation and monitoring to provide you critical alerts if your business domain or your employees’ credentials are exposed on the Dark Web. You must identify these threats as early as possible to protect your data from hackers. The sooner you take action, such as password resets or resolving security issues, the more efficient you can be when it comes to avoiding potential damages to your business.

We’re equipped with powerful advanced technological intelligence, as well as expert analysts, proactively searching for exposed logins and other compromises that can make your business vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Avoid the Dangers of Dark Web Exposure

  • There have been 15 billion login details, passwords, and usernames circulating in the Dark Web stolen by cybercriminals. (1)
  • 67% of web breaches were identified and linked to phishing attacks and cyber thefts. (2)
  • More than 50% of websites on the Dark Web are used for cybercrimes, such as exploitation and selling of crucial digital information and credentials. (1)
  • About 60% of critical information circulating on the Dark Web can damage the security and financials of most businesses. (3)

24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of Close-Up Monitoring

If there are exposed login details or pairs that are directly connected to your business emails, domains, or IP addresses, we can identify and look deeper into it for you.

Prevent the Risks Related to Password Reuse

According to studies, individuals frequently reuse login credentials for 5 various applications at the same time, the least. (4) With us, you can avoid the dangers related to the reuse and use of bad passwords.

Receive Alerts and Details Analytical Reports

Prevent the risks of cyber-attacks and perform preventive measures by gaining access to in-depth analytical reports relating to industry trends. With these tools, you can save your business from the daily detected 80,000+ domain compromises.

Proactive Preventive Measures For Dark Web Exposure

Implementation of Dark Web Surveillance reduces the potential damages and threats due to exposure of employee credentials. This action is becoming necessary as cyber-attacks increase inevitably.


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CTA: Reach Out to Us Now and Protect Your Information. Let Us Detect If Your Business is in Danger due to Dark Web Exposure.

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