September 23, 2021

All About IT Service Management


To remain competitive in the ever-evolving business environment, businesses have to leverage technology. Technology helps to automate monotonous tasks and make previous tedious tasks seamless. The need for technology adaptation in businesses, no matter the size, has skyrocketed.

Businesses had a large number of employees in the past to serve a large market. Most companies today operate with a small number of employees while serving a large market. The emerging business culture of outsourcing the majority of support services has made this possible.

IT service management is the most outsourced business operation due to the exuberant costs of having such a team in-house. If you’re wondering what managed IT services entail, continue reading to learn more.

What is IT Service Management?

IT service management is hiring a third-party company to manage and offer technical support for all your IT needs. They are commonly known as Managed Service providers (MSP). They provide a wide array of services from repair, maintenance, data recovery, and network optimization.

For small businesses to leverage the best IT services, they outsource to reduce the cost of keeping an IT team in-house. Managing and maintaining an IT team in-house can be expensive, especially if your IT needs are demanding.

Types of Managed Support Services

To understand IT management services, the best way is to grasp the different types of services offered. Some managed support providers may offer a wide array of services, while others might offer specialized services. Choosing the right IT support company will solely depend on the services you want.

Data Management

As the famous adage goes, data is the new oil. For your business to leverage data, you need to have a system that collects and stores your data in a structured manner. This service entails creating databases/data lakes that store all the data generated in your business.

Network Support

The MSP designs your network infrastructure to ensure all computers are connected to the server and the internet. This is vital in most businesses, especially in large organizations where employees share large files. The MSP is responsible for configuring and optimizing the network to work perfectly.

More so, they are responsible for any repair and maintenance needed for the computers and servers.

Cyber Security

Due to increased usage of the internet for business transactions, cybercrimes have skyrocketed. Hiring cybersecurity experts in-house can be expensive, especially for small businesses. Therefore, you can outsource cybersecurity services from a managed IT provider at cheaper costs.

They give you anti-malware solutions for your devices and develop firewalls that protect your IT systems.

Cloud Computing

They offer you online solutions for storing data and computing on the cloud without the need to operate with on-premises systems. Virtualization of operating systems and software can be made possible by some providers.

Communication Support

Communication support entails outsourcing a business’ communication infrastructure services from a third party. The services range from bulk messaging services to customer relationship management systems.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

The most common users of managed IT support are small businesses that want to cut costs of keeping a large team in-house. Outsourcing IT services cut their outgoings and save them a lot of time that would be used to manage the team.
Managed IT services can reduce your total infrastructure costs by leveraging cloud services. On-premises systems can cost you a lot of money in maintaining, unlike if a third party hosts your IT environment.
To understand IT management services, let’s look at the benefits a business may reap by working with outsourced MSP. Here are the benefits:

1. Save You Money

The beauty of using MSP is that you only pay for what you need. Having an IT team in-house costs you money regardless of the work needs in your business. With MSP, you don’t have to incur expenses when your business doesn’t require any IT services.
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2. Certified Professionals

In the IT industry, the right people are expensive to hire full-time due to demand and supply. When you outsource IT services, you get to leverage the accumulated expertise of IT professionals at cheaper rates.

3. Saves Time

Managed IT services providers enable you to spend more time on your business’s core competencies. You don’t have to worry about managing the IT team or recruiting when you need additional support.

4. Get the Latest Technology

Keeping up with the latest technology trends in the market can be a daunting task. Research is key if your business depends on tech infrastructure to operate efficiently. MSP analyses the market for you and recommends suitable tech solutions for your business.

5. Data Protection

Today, businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks more than ever due to increasing online business transactions. MSP ensures that your firewall is up-to-date to protect against malware attacks. They also audit your workstations to ensure no system penetration by unauthorized personnel.

Grow your Enterprise by Hiring an IT Service Management Company

Businesses of all sizes are motivated by the desire to have technology smooth out their operations to improve their efficacy. In-house IT support can be a pain in the neck and can hit your pocket hard. Luckily, outsourced IT service management gives you value for your money and peace of mind.

If you are experiencing IT problems in your company, it is worth looking into managed service providers. The options are endless; hence you will get services at competitive rates.

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