Looking For "Outsourced Managed IT Services Houston?"

Look No More! We Got You Covered!

ADVANTEX provides managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations throughout Houston.

We keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly

Thanks to our location, we’re capable of providing both on-site and in-person monitoring so you can continue meeting the needs of your customers..
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Looking For "Outsourced Managed IT Services Houston?" Look No More! We Got You Covered!

If you’ve been frantic and conducting endless online searches for “Outsourced Managed IT Services Houston” you can stop looking. ADVANTEX gives you everything you’ve been looking for in a Houston IT services provider, and a lot you didn’t realize you needed. We proudly put our experience and value ahead of any other managed IT services company in the area. Ask about our 60-day money-back guarantee.
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We provide a wide array of services in Houston, including:‌

Healthcare Companies‌
Local Government‌
Accounting Firms‌
Architectural Firms‌
IT Services

Your Cybersecurity Questions, Answered .

If you’re like a lot of our customers, you have some big questions about cybersecurity almost every day.
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Exceed Customer Expectations by Bringing On the Right Houston IT Services Company

Outsourced Managed IT Services Houston
Keep your websites and business applications up and running with the help of ADVANTEX’s Houston IT services. Our disaster recovery services ensure you always have a way of gaining access to vital data during emergencies that might knock out power or otherwise take you offline.
ADVANTEX provides 24/7 coverage of your Houston organization’s key network elements. We step in and handle problems before the situation has a chance to go critical. Our team understands the importance of technology in keeping your company running efficiently and delivering quality services to your customers.

Receive Best in Class Managed IT Services, Help Desk Options, IT Infrastructure Setup/Support, and MUCH MORE

IT Support Houston
‌Clients receive around-the-clock monitoring of issues tied to your server, workstations, and company firewall. Our goal is to stamp out problems before you realize anything is wrong.

Professional IT Services

ADVANTEX provides you with an entire IT support team focused on ensuring the ongoing success of your business technology. We’re there when you need us, and sometimes before. Our commitment to service is why we provide customers with unlimited support via phone and email, along with remote technical support for critical issues.

If you wish to report an issue but don’t feel like waiting on the phone, open up a service request from your desktop. We provide prompt service that addresses any challenges you may be facing. 

Cloud IT Services

Cloud IT Services Houston
Meet the data demands of today’s digital reality by employing proactive cloud IT solutions. ADVANTEX’s Houston cloud services help you implement powerful cloud management solutions designed to scale along with your company’s growth ambitions.

Our team of technology doctors has the skills and knowledge needed to implement the most effective and top-rated cloud solutions on the market. Outsourcing your cloud technology needs to ADVANTEX guarantees you’ll always have the latest and greatest when it comes to managed IT solutions.

ADVANTEX provides several cloud management options for SMBs in Houston:‌

Private Cloud Services — Tailor your cloud environment to meet your specific business needs. You won’t have to share resources with other organizations and users. Your organization still benefits from the scalability offered by public cloud services.‌
Public Cloud Services — Save money by utilizing cloud-based solutions available to the public. The cloud service provider handles maintenance requests, freeing you from upkeep hassles. The large server networks of public cloud providers help ensure you experience minimal downtime.‌
Managed IT Services Houston

Managed IT Services

ADVANTEX employs technology experts that include engineers experienced in dealing with different types of technology. We draw on our years of experience to build robust, reliable solutions using industry best practices.

Bringing on ADVANTEX as your IT services company gives you peace of mind. There’s always someone keeping an eye on your vital network infrastructure and stepping in to deal with issues before they threaten your company’s bottom line.

VoIP Services

IT Services VOIP
We provide next-generation solutions that help your company grow and thrive. You won’t have to feel trapped by outdated phone technology. Letting ADVANTEX’s experienced team of VoIP specialists handle your phone needs frees you from dropped calls, line malfunctions, and garbled conversations.‌

Become crystal-clear with our Houston-based managed VoIP services.

Excellent call quality‌
Lower phone costs‌
Scalable and flexible‌
Expanded mobility‌

Network and Security Services

Network Infrastructure

ADVANTEX believes in providing organizations with the most up-to-date products and devices available. Our Houston IT services company pride itself on being the local leader of network infrastructure. Coordinating with other industry leaders helps us provide our clients with network infrastructure constructed from award-winning technology.‌
IT Services Houston
Network Switches and Routers: These fundamentals of communication play a vital role in creating network connections.‌
Firewall Protection: Maintain optimal connectivity without sacrificing security.‌
Wireless AP & Wi-Fi: ADVANTEX uses Cisco Meraki to help businesses maintain fast and robust wireless connections.‌
Wireless Extension: We eliminate company wireless dead zones by extending your wireless network range.‌

IT Security as a Service

ADVANTEX’s cloud-based Security as a Services product protects your company from internet security dangers from the inside and outside without requiring you to maintain on-site hardware. Our security experts provide Houston-area organizations a security infrastructure capable of dealing with today’s ever-evolving cyber threats.‌
IT Security Service
Disaster Recovery‌
Continuous Security Monitoring‌
Data Loss Prevention‌
Intrusion Management‌
Security Assessments‌
Network Security‌
Email Security‌
Vulnerability Scans‌

IT Services & IT Infrastructure Support Services

Vast Range of Technology Solutions For Your Business

IT Support services houston
ADVANTEX understands that every organization has a unique culture. That’s why we work closely with Houston businesses to create a unique IT infrastructure that covers their specific business needs. Once implemented, our team provides maintenance and support to ensure the ongoing efficiency of your IT processes.‌
Our IT consultants work with organizations to find technology solutions suited to their company culture. ADVANTEX can help you work with out-of-the-box solutions or design and implement custom solutions. We’ll do whatever it takes to support your business goals,
Cloud Migrations‌
Server Refresh‌
Telephone Systems‌
IT Assessment‌
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Office Connectivity‌
Server Consolidation‌
Video Conferencing‌
IT Planning‌
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Office 365 Migrations‌
Wide Area Networks‌
New Office Procurement‌
New Office Setup‌
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Top Partner Programs

ADVANTEX believes in using the spirit of collaboration and community for our client’s benefit. That’s why we partner with local, national, and international companies capable of helping us provide our customers with the best products and services.‌
IT Services


Provides us with access to state-of-the-art computing products, including laptops and hybrid devices.‌
IT Services


Gives us access to benefits like training resources, rewards, and certifications that ensure our ongoing success.‌
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Our Webroot partnership allows ADVANTEX to offer clients state-of-the-art and easy-to-manage cybersecurity solutions that protect our client’s IT infrastructure.‌
IT Services Houston

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Help us create innovative development solutions and manage client hybrid cloud environments.‌
IT Services Houston

Green Cloud

Support from the Green Cloud engineering team helps us deliver complete, robust solutions while expanding our ability to provide cloud services.‌
IT Services


Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) supports our client’s need to shift to secure and automated networks.‌

Customer Service

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ADVANTEX Makes it Easy

Managed IT Services With a Simple 3-Step Process

Assess & Roadmap

We start by talking with you about your goals for the future and the kind of support you require from your IT infrastructure. Next, we look at your current IT offerings and make recommendations we feel can help you achieve your business goals. From there, we work with you to construct a viable roadmap to acquiring and implanting IT solutions capable of supporting your business growth.
IT Support services
Network infrastructure Houston

Onboarding & Alignment

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Operate & Adapt

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IT Support

Our Unique IT Services Can Handle Any of Your IT Challenges

Growth-Focused Organizations

Every company wants the ability to scale and expand without technology constraints. ADVANTEX provides you with next-level solutions designed to scale and grow with your company ambitions. We make sure your company never feels held back by the limitations of your technology.

Startup Organizations

Many startups lack the IT know-how to understand where they might be lacking in their IT infrastructure. Our IT consultants help new companies uncover gaps in their IT planning and ensure that startup companies have the technology necessary to establish themselves from the start as formidable industry players.

Mature Organizations

It’s easy for more established businesses to get comfortable. Don’t let yourself get swallowed up by hungry competitors by refusing to adapt to a changing industry. ADVANTEX helps older companies learn how to rethink their approach to technology. We help them transition legacy applications to cloud-based solutions along with their data repositories. Our solution architects give mature organizations the flexibility needed to meet the challenges of today while maintaining their image and reputation.

Compliance & Regulatory

ADVANTEX provides comprehensive services that evaluate your organization’s ability to meet compliance requirements and adapt to regulatory changes that come down the pipeline. Our 24/7 monitoring helps us locate vulnerabilities that might impact your ability to remain in compliance with the requirements of your industry.

Proactive Managed IT Services

Outsource Your IT Management

It’s easy for you to get left behind because of advancements in software technology. Outsourcing your IT management services relieves your organization of the burden of keeping up with the latest and greatest. ADVANTEX makes sure companies always have access to the latest updates.

Hiring a Houston IT managed services firm keeps you from having to maintain a full-time IT staff. ADVANTEX provides you with world-class IT services that ensure your products and technology infrastructure remain up-to-date, leaving you to focus on running your company.

Simplify Your Technology Management

Contracting with a managed IT services company provides you with consistent support. ADVANTEX keeps a 360-degree watch over your entire IT support structure. We step in before disaster strikes, meaning you’re not left dealing with network downtime that stops your company in its tracks.

Having us available for constant support means you don’t have to rely on other third-party contractors when something goes wrong. That improves your ability to provide business continuity in the face of a disaster like a fire, natural disaster, or security breach.

Managed Support & Managed Technology by Experienced IT Professionals

ADVANTEX is more than your typical Houston managed services provider. Our company offers Houston organizations a wide range of professional services.

Network Management

Receive proactive IT support services that monitor and maintain your network 24 hours a day.‌

Server Management

Let ADVANTEX handle everything from cloud migrations to server consolidation. We can help you modernize your organization and improve the way you conduct business.‌

Device Management

Ensure that your devices receive consistent monitoring and patching to protect company data.‌

Project Management

Let our IT consultants support your large-scale projects and plan for any industry-wide technological shifts. We help you come up with savvy technology strategies that help your business deliver on organizational goals.‌

IT Consulting

Technology has never been more integral to the ability of a business to function. Improve your efficiency and productivity with technological applications capable of adapting and growing with the needs of your industry. Come up with concrete and flexible strategies that are easy to maintain and implement throughout your company.‌

Specialized Houston Tech 

IT Support Houston
ADVANTEX’s 30 years of experience allows us to offer solutions for every industry. We position organizations to meet the challenges of the future. Find out why we’re the top IT managed services in Houston by calling (866) 780-7129 to set up a consultation with an ADVANTEX representative.  

Each client receives our standardized IT toolset, which includes:‌

Remote monitoring and maintenance (RMM)‌
Professional IT Ticketing Service‌
Cloud-Delivered Umbrella Security‌
SPAM Filtering‌
Content Filtering‌
Imaged Based Backup Solutions‌
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