November 1, 2021

7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Managed IT Service Provider

It is important to hire a trustworthy managed IT service provider for your business. Here are 7 questions to ask your potential provider.

64% of all companies have been victims of cyber-attacks at one point or another. One of the causes of these cyber-attacks is an inefficient in-house IT department. With the help of a managed IT service provider your business can avoid a cyberattack taking you offline.

Organizations use information technology services to perform their core functions. A managed IT services provider will boost efficiency and provide additional time to your staff members. Moreover, you’ll spend less money on managed IT services while benefiting from IT experts and better software.

Each managed IT service provider has different levels of experience and uses unique tools. Here are the questions that you should ask the managed IT service provider before using their services.

1. Can You Provide Basic Information About Your Business?

It’d be better to ask the managed service provider to give a brief history of their operations. The provided details should state the number of staff members and services offered. In addition, the business must identify its partners and explain its competencies.

It’ll also be good if the managed service provider explains how they work with customers. The quality of service is something that you must consider and analyze. This way, you’ll know whether the firm will help your business to meet its objectives.

2. Can You Provide Testimonials?

Existing customers have already used the managed service provider's tools and expertise. These customers know the level of knowledge and responsiveness of each service provider. You should ask them their satisfaction level and if they got what they wanted from the MSP.

It may not be possible to know the MSP's current customers. In this case, you can request the business to provide a list of its previous customers. Alternatively, you can check their website or social media pages to know who is using the services.

3. What Are Your Hours of Operation?

IT problems can happen at night, during the weekends, and on holidays. A managed service provider that only works for a few hours won’t be able to help you. The best managed IT service provider works 24/7 and is always on standby to provide instant help.

Each potential outsourced IT support firm provides its schedule of operation. This schedule must include continuous support and off-site response whenever a problem occurs. They should be able to arrive at your business premises at any time.

If an MSP takes too long to provide a solution, your business will lose a lot of money. In addition, clients' data may get lost, or they may have to wait for several hours or days before accessing your services.

4. Who Are Your Clients?

When an MSP applies to provide IT services, they usually include a list of their current and previous customers. You should go over this list to try to understand the size and type of business. MSPs that have worked with companies in your industry are likely to provide better and more relevant services.

You should also see the satisfaction level and the number of returning clients. If most of their clients stop using the services after a few months, then there could be a problem. On the other hand, if the MSP has several loyal clients, you can be assured of better services.

5. How Quickly Do You Respond?

IT problems can spiral out of control if something isn’t done within a short time. Therefore, the MSP must indicate their average response time. For instance, they can list their previous incoming requests and show how quickly they responded.

The company should also provide its proposed way of dealing with incoming requests. For instance, the company can state the factors that they use to rank tickets. Do they rank tickets based on reporting time or the seriousness of the situation?

For instance, a good MSP resolves all tickets within a short time, typically in less than an hour. Moreover, the company can send somebody on-site within the same day and without asking you to pay for urgent requests.

6. How Do You Implement New Solutions?

Professional MSP companies maintain the best relationships with their clients. In addition, they are always on the lookout for new solutions. You need such a company because your business will only survive if it continuously adopts new services and products.

For instance, the company can recommend whether you should upgrade your CRM.

A company will only be able to provide dynamic solutions if it works with many partners and vendors. The company should be purchasing and testing IT solutions from multiple developers. Once they identify a solution that can fit your operations, they’ll then recommend it.

The company's recommendations should always try to improve your business efficiency and productivity. Moreover, they should provide more free time to your employees without increasing the cost of operation.

7. What Is Your Maintenance Process?

It’s cheaper, easier, and less stressful to prevent IT problems than to solve them after they have occurred. Therefore, the MSP Company must be on the lookout for the latest IT threats. If they identify any danger that can affect your operations, they’ll find a solution.

Therefore, the company must state its upgrading and maintenance processes. At the same time, they should communicate their training schedule and investment. Companies that train their employees will identify security gaps and recommend effective solutions.

The company should also know the latest regulatory and legal changes. For example, there may be data privacy requirements that affect your company. But, again, it should be the responsibility of the MSP to come up with solutions and ensure that your company is compliant.

Enjoy Superb Services by Choosing the Best Managed IT Service Provider

Outsourcing IT services reduces the cost of operation and increases efficiency. In addition, it puts the business at the forefront of the latest technological changes. Nevertheless, you will only get these benefits if you work with the most qualified managed IT service provider. As a result, you should ask the above questions when interviewing MSPs.

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