August 29, 2022

7 Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Business Owners

Small businesses are exploding across the United States. Over five MILLION new businesses opened in 2021 alone, so we are no stranger to supporting them. 

Companies that provide managed IT services are chomping at the bit to help other small business owners grow and expand without running into some of the worst problems. 

Helping small business is what IT providers want to do, and it is a beautiful relationship when everyone sees the benefits IT companies can add.

Compliance needs, cost analysis, hardware recommendations, software support, and hundreds of other requirements come up for small businesses, and we'll provide you with seven ways IT providers save the day.                                  

1. Reduced Costs For IT Services

When a small business hires a great company to manage its IT services, it can save A LOT of time and money.

As a business owner shopping around for software and services to help their business run smoothly, this takes time. On top of the time to evaluate these programs, there are fifty or more options for each supporting program your business could need.

If you look at billing software alone, even Forbes can only narrow down their choices to the top 5. Evaluating one program can take weeks to determine if it’s the right fit for your business, and if it’s not, you just add another few weeks to look at the next one.

The result is that businesses choose the first one they use and roll the dice that it’s doing the best job on the market.

These evaluations are just over software. Let alone the hardware, security, and maintenance required for a business to run efficiently today.

Managed IT service shops can look at all their customers and see what has worked for hundreds of businesses in the past. They are dedicated to picking the best products because it means less work for them and less headache for the businesses they support.

2. An Educated, Professional Approach

There is a reason people have to make an entire career out of IT and everything it encompasses. The best programs on the market, the most efficient security practices for different business verticals, the top hardware that isn’t going to break down every other day, how to fix that hardware when it does break, and so much more goes into being an educated IT professional.

The landscape for IT is changing daily, so when a small business focuses on marketing, sales, and creating their products, it is impossible to have time also to be educated on the best practices for their technology.

Managed IT services bridge this gap and save businesses money in the long term. Between managing the technological environment that modern business demands and keeping on top of security so your business isn’t shut down by a 15-year-old hacker, having an educated IT business supporting your own should be a given for any business of any size.

3. Compliance Necessities

Naming business types that need to meet compliance requirements would take all day. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, car dealers, and so many more have to store data in certain ways and meet security requirements.

If these businesses don’t meet those requirements, an audit can result in fees ranging from $100 to $50,000 per violation. 

Worrying about meeting these requirements takes trained professionals who have read the 50-page documents on how to meet those requirements. 

Those professionals are IT, service providers. IT providers know compliance inside and out.

4. Saving Businesses From Closing

Over one-third of businesses say they aren’t using technology effectively. Learning about a new program as a company is growing is extremely difficult. There are only so many hours in the day, and running a small business takes time.

One of the advantages of managed IT is that it can help you keep up to date on technology as your business is booming. A company growing too quickly and unable to meet its own needs can cause it to fail, and everyone wants to avoid that at all costs.

On top of the technology is the security portion of managed IT. Over half of small businesses fail due to a security breach. Between the money to recover the data and the time it takes to fix everything themselves, businesses at that delicate stage can’t handle the stress.

This is why having someone manage security and help businesses grow can save so many from closing.

5. Faster Fixes to Common Problems

Business continuity is massive when running even the smallest of operations. If even one person can’t work for an hour or two, it can cost a business thousands of dollars.

Internet outages, malware breaches, power issues, and so many more problems are things that take non-technical people hours, if not days, to fix. For a trained IT professional, this could take them minutes.

With a managed IT service contract, a small business can be up and running fast.

Even with the internet and your search engine of choice, it could take hours to resolve the simplest problems.

6. Reactive versus Proactive Business Management

There are over 30 million small businesses, most of which take a reactive approach to technology.

As a small business, it’s hard to keep up with everything, so things tend to get fixed or improved as they have to. 

Small business managed IT services provide a proactive approach to these issues. Your IT provider should be making a plan with you for when your business hits specific breakpoints. A one-person shop has different needs than a five-person shop, and a five-person shop needs more support than a fifteen-person shop.

Having a plan with an IT professional makes it, so your business doesn’t have to slow down. If you’re doubling your business in a year, you should be able to keep growing without having to evaluate every little thing that comes up along the way.

7. Expanding Your Influence

Going remote is the new way to expand any workforce. No longer are small businesses restricted to finding the best worker on their street. They can find the best worker in the country for the job.

Businesses with this flexibility can grow faster and sturdier with a better base for their staff. 

A remote workforce isn’t something you can just drum up with a laptop, though. Some measures must be implemented, so your business isn’t taken off guard.

Security is the first place to start, but also onboarding your new employees effectively is something a managed IT service can help with immensely!

Don’t get stuck on business growth. Let another great business help your business thrive.

Help Managed IT Services Help You

Managed IT services provide so many benefits that it was hard to fit them into one article.

The value that Dantex can provide to small businesses is nearly limitless. From suggesting the best software on the market to keeping your information safe and compliant, Dantex will help in every way we can!

Please reach out, and we'll find the best way to help you!

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