July 27, 2020

5 Cyber Security Mistakes to Avoid with Customer Data

Did you know that 41% of companies in the world have over 1,000 sensitive files that aren't protected?

Some of the information in these files include Social Security numbers, health records, personal contact information, and credit card numbers. Common cyber threats to cybersecurity continue to increase, finding ways to improve your cyber security is essential. Yet, there isn't a single solution that you can use to solve all the potential cyber security threats in your organization.

That's why understanding the most common cyber security mistakes to avoid with your customer's data is essential to keeping your business and customers protected.

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1. Failing to Check User Activity and Access Points

Do you have an internal network that has access to sensitive information? Not keeping an eye on the access points, as well as the activity of the users, can create complications.

Keeping an eye on who is accessing your network what they're doing with the data that they're looking at is important. That is so you can later identify the source of the problem if there is a breach. Plus, this will help give you a better understanding of what data was stolen from your company.

2. Not Keeping Your Employees Educated

Did you know that over 65% of professionals have felt that phishing is the largest security threat to their business?

Phishing occurs when a hacker will create a fake portal or website that mocks that of a legitimate one. The victims of a phishing scam will go to the website and submit information, such as their employee credentials.

As a result, this can give hackers a sensitive data that they need to shadow a party or infiltrate a system. Not only do you have to worry about phishing scams, but you also have to worry about Trojan horses, spyware, malware, and even viruses.

Keeping your employees educated on how to spot a phishing link is important. That is because it can reduce the threat of a phishing scam impacting your business. Educating your employees on the latest hacking trends to be aware of and what they can do to keep your organization protected.

You should also establish a security protocol and process that keeps each account that has information on your business protected. It would help if you looked for ways to keep all the systems that your employees are working on updated, as this will help strengthen the security of your business.

3. Neglecting to Test Your Security

Another common cybersecurity mistake is failing to test your company's network. By running a test on your network, you'll discover and repair any loopholes that you're able to identify.

The number of devices that can access the internet that companies depend upon is constantly growing. No longer do you only have to worry about computers being the only potential cyber security threat for your organization. Now you have to worry about wearable watches, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and web applications.

All these have their own separate hardware, internal applications, that works, and databases. With all these individual devices that have access to your network, they need to undergo regular testing.

This regular testing can be automated or done with a human's help. Regularly testing your security will identify any weak points or areas where your company's security is vulnerable.

A great tool to use to identify any weak points in your network is to use user feedback. It will allow external parties that are using your network to report any issues that they run into. Using user feedback will provide you with insight into problems that you may have never discovered without external parties reporting.

4. Not Creating Healthy E-mail Habits

A lot of people end up falling into the same habits when it comes to checking their email. Not keeping your employees updated on healthy e-mail habits can make it easier for your company to fall victim to a phishing e-mail.

Providing your employees with updated training on what an unsolicited e-mail looks like and how to properly report one can act as another added layer of security for your business.

5. Not Evaluating IT

Another common cybersecurity mistake that many businesses make is that they believe that the IT team that they've hired is the best in the industry. Yet, unless you've hired a team specializing in cyber-security, the IT team that you've hired may not be equipped with the knowledge that they need to keep your business safe.

By not correctly evaluating your it team, you're putting your customers and the health of your business at risk. Many IT team members are talented in other areas that are necessary for your business to succeed.

Yet, if your IT team is understaffed or doesn't specialize in cybersecurity, it's time for you to invest in an IT team specializing in cybersecurity.

You can check your IT team by getting an idea of the knowledge that they have about cybersecurity. Plus, you'll understand the resources that they'll be able to dedicate to your team's cybersecurity.

What if you find that your team is incapable of securing your company? You can use a third-party organization that specializes in cyber-security is your best bet.

Third-party organizations can help to keep your company safe. They'll also support your company. Plus, they'll help during an attack on your systems, times of overwhelming traffic, or if there's ever a network strain.

Understanding How to Avoid the Most Common Cyber Security Mistakes

The number of cyber security attacks will continue to increase worldwide. Having a solid understanding of the most common cyber security mistakes that are made can help raise awareness around the importance of cyber security. Investing in high-quality IT services will provide you with modern security tools that will keep your business and customers protected from the latest cyber security threats.

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