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We understand the importance of having efficient and secure technology. We’re here to help you achieve the most reliable system. Our IT solutions include different services and a powerful support team to better serve you.


IT Services in Dallas

Our powerful IT tools are a part of our unique solution to your IT needs. Enjoy the convenience of an installed VoIP system and Cloud systems. You can ease your mind -- our systems result in increased efficiency and reduced downtime.



Managed IT Services in Houston

Included in your service is 24/7 access to our IT specialists. Our hardworking staff also monitors your network 24/7 and 365 days a year. We implement regular maintenance and updates, ensuring your network is secure and error-free.

Professional IT Services in Dallas

Have an IT project in mind that you need a professional’s input on? ADVANTEX can help your business processes with cloud migrations, server replacements and consolidations, video conferencing setups, general IT planning and assessment.

Cloud Services in Dallas

Your business deserves the very best, and that means having the best computer and cloud service provider that are available. Whether you need a cloud migration or a new computer set up, our experts at ADVANTEX will ensure that your business has the right tools.

Managed IT Services

Our team has 20 years of experience, and we’re able to solve any technical problems.

IT Services

Your Cybersecurity Questions, Answered .

If you’re like a lot of our customers, you have some big questions about cybersecurity almost every day.
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Improved Collaboration

We at ADVANTEX understand the growing significance of remote and freelance work. Our Cloud platform system improves team collaboration and communication, all while providing the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.


Our reliance on technology grows every day. That’s why the technology experts at ADVANTEX offer a myriad of professional services.

We offer managed IT services package to bring you to technological success. Our Cloud services include essential functions such as file sharing and disaster recovery. Our IT services help make technology and mobile devices predictable and manageable for all businesses.

Managed IT Services in Dallas

IT Support All in the Cloud

Are you struggling to move your business to the Cloud? We can help! Our Cloud services include file sharing, Office 365, disaster recovery, and hosted servers. We only aim to provide the best Cloud services and remote support available.

Managed IT in Dallas



We understand the unpredictability of technology. Our goal is to be your solution in the world of uncertainty. With our powerful technology solutions and effective IT support, we aim to save you time and money.



At ADVANTEX, you no longer worry about hidden costs and fees. All of these benefits are included in one monthly fee. We’ll also work with your technology needs to create a fee in your budget. We also offer a 90-day guarantee because we’re confident in our external services.



ADVANTEX offers technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. But we understand all industries require different technological solutions.


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We have the expertise to keep your accountancy business working efficiently, no problem.

Oil & Gas

 Due to our industry knowledge and technological expertise, our IT Support helps you grow.


With ADVANTEX, you never miss out on opportunities to help others with your nonprofit! 

Medical & Dental

We shorten the stack with our IT solutions so you can let go of stressful healthcare hardware.

Small Business

IT headaches take a huge bite of your productivity. Let us take those worries off your plate.

Municipalities / Local Government

We provide support to help satisfy your IT needs at a price that fits a government budget.

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Subscription Based Managed IT Services 

What does a Managed Service provider actually do?

It's management, usually performed by an outside group, of a businesses computers (and computer related equipment), networks and software. It's also known by it's other title, outsourced Information Technology (IT). However, these Managed Service Providers are not motivated by fixing problems as they come up, they're interested in preventing them all together. A MSP is there to make sure your networks run smoothly, securely, and are dependable. The idea is to form a trusting bond with the client where their success is in both of our best interests.

Which industries do you provide Managed IT services to?

ADVANTEX is capable of servicing many different industries including telecommunications companies, manufacturing companies, healthcare/dental businesses, oil and gas companies, accounting agencies, and even non-profits. Our service areas include Houston and it's surrounding towns as well as the DFW area.

What do Managed Services provide?

Managed IT Services are 24/7/365 and perform consistent check ups on your network and general IT infrastructure. You'll have access to a help desk to answer questions or provide advice to your team. Expect near immediate response to server emergencies to make sure your data is always protected. Also, they can provide on-site support for hardware and can also assist with various remote connect tools. Lastly, they can assist you with any hardware or software sales to upgrade your business.

What kinds of companies thrive under managed services?

Managed Services are not limited by the size of businesses and can be molded into a variety of different roles depending on what's needed. Small businesses may use managed IT to gain better control over their core business structure. Larger businesses can merge their in-house IT team with ours to free up their resources for projects. Virtually any business can take advantage of the 24/7/365 support provided by ADVANTEX.

Are there services for businesses that already have an IT Department?

Yes, many of our current clients have a working IT staff that we work with on a regular basis. Usually we're able help take over smaller daily responsibilities so the are free to work on large-scale projects. We're flexible with our services to fit your business and are willing to customize your own unique system! We offer a full range of support from complete coverage to just general network monitoring and antivirus prevention.

Is there any additional costs for using too many support hours?

Our monthly billing systems is based strictly on the amount of hardware and employees in your business. You will not be up-charged for requiring more than the usual amount of support hours.

Why do we require a monthly fee?

There are some businesses that offer a different service that revolves around fixing issues as they arise. Basically, you call and they come out to fix it and foot you the bill. Problems begin to arise when you start to question that technicians motivation. What's his incentive to double check for other problems when they finish the one they were called for? He would instead wait for you to call again where the problem becomes even more expensive. Computers/Networks require constant attention to make sure problems don't get missed and go out of control. That's what Managed Service Providers live by: fixing the issue while it's easily manageable. Therefore, we only offer our monthly-fee option to guarantee you a safe and healthy network.

How does the fixed-price model work?

ADVANTEX has worked with numerous clients over the years and has the ability to see the state of your network and roughly how many hours it will require to onboard and manage it. Once we are able to root out the serious issues, support will become a lot simpler and we take a switch into a role focused more on maintenance and "future-proofing" your business.

What if we don't have any network issues currently?

Often times, supposedly healthy networks are riddled with issues that slip right underneath the owners nose. This what ADVANTEX specializes in fixing. Beyond that, there is still plenty that needs to be done to the average network from installing necessary patches to improving security measures. We have the right eye for technology and the proper network management systems that can stabilize any network.

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